Losing IT - Protecting Data on Notebooks / PC with Encryption and Online Cloud Storage

In this day and age, notebooks, tablets and smart phones are the most common source of information and storage for sensitive data. It can't get very embarrassing for a business to lose its sensitive data that is stored on their employees Notebooks, Tablets or Smart Phones and can cause a serious data breach, leading to security and compliance problems.

With today's technology we are able to backup our data in a cloud storage location and also encrypt this sensitive data. This is essential to any business or residential  these days because if they had a computer failure then we are able to get data storage with no problem. Also for those real sensitive information stored on the machines, we can encrypt so that it is very secure and can only be accessed to those that created the data in the first place.

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How CCTV Has Revolved Into The IT Industry

About ten years ago the CCTV Security industry was supplying video tape CCTV recording to record incidents that happened to your premises. When computers become a little more advanced with the technology, the CCTV manufacturers was able to design a DVR (digital video recorder) which basically consisted off a motherboard, processor and a hard drive (as well as the output backplanes to take the cameras).

Up to now the CCTV technology can now be recorded in true HD via a computer network and the software on the NVR can constantly be updated by the manufacturers. We can also take the recordings off site and have all cameras monitored via a monitoring station at the other end of country or even world.

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Michael Hill, Managing Director at Boss Digital Ltd

Our work with Pete and his team at Loguin Ltd aimed to make a smooth operation with our IT and to increase work efficiency within our company. We were thrilled when Pete and his team’s implemented a working IT infrastructure system which resulted in my company increasing sales. That was beyond our expectations in terms of what could be done with computers and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.
Michael Hill, Managing Director at Boss Digital Ltd

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